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Poster: Effects of point source emission heights in WRF–STILT: a step towards exploiting nocturnal observations in models Fabian Maier 7 Link
Poster: Northern high latitudes CH4 fluxes inferred from an atmospheric inverse model using TROPOMI XCH4 Aki Tsurata 33 Link
Poster: Towards comprehensive modelling: ICLASS, an Inverse modelling framework for the Chemistry Land-surface Atmosphere Soil Slab model Peter Bosman 6 Link
Poster: Bayesian inverse estimation of urban carbon emissions over Seoul Sojung Sim 19 Link
Poster: Developing First Gridded High-resolution Anthropogenic Carbon Emission Inventory for Seoul Yeonsoo Kim 16 Link
Poster: OpenGHG – A community platform for greenhouse gas data science Rachel Tunnicliffe ? Link
Poster: Analysis of OCO-2 CO2 flux inversion (MIP-2) using MIROC4-ACTM simulations Suman Maity 34 Link
Pres: Emulating Lagrangian particle dispersion model footprints for greenhouse gas flux inference Elena Fillola 24  
Pres: CarbonWatchNZ: Regional to National Scale Inverse Modelling of New Zealand’s Carbon Balance Beata Bukosa 27 Link
Pres: Evaluation of methane emissions in the UK 1990 – 2021 Anita Ganesan 35 Link
Poster: Using atmospheric inverse modeling to estimate national methane emissions from Finland Tuula Aalto 41 Link
Pres: Leveraging Improved Measurement Coverage to Characterize the Evolution of Oil-Production-Related Emissions around Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela Brian Nathan 19 Link
Pres: Satellite monitoring of urban CO2 emissions : an extensive analysis of the OCO-3 SAMs database Alexandre Danjou 38 Link
Poster: National scale inversion of NOx emissions in France constrained by TROPOMI NO2 tropospheric columns Robin Plachou 1 Link
Poster: A high-resolution process-based radon flux map of Europe: development and uncertainties Ute Karstens 4 Link
Poster: High resolution CO2 fluxes from CarbonTracker Europe in near real-time: CTE-HR Remco de Kok 9 Link
Pres: Satellite monitoring of urban CO2 emissions : an extensive analysis of the OCO-3 SAMs database  Alexandre Danjou 42 Link
Poster: The Community Inversion Framework: a unified atmospheric inversion platform to support standardized GHG monitoring systems Antoine Berchet 31 Link
Poster: A view of the European carbon flux landscape through the lens of the ICOS atmospheric observation network Ida Storm 12 Link
Poster: Identifying bulk regional methane isotopic signatures using long‐term records from UK sites Ceres A. Woolley Maisch 11 Link
Poster: Characteristics of Atmospheric Greenhouse Gases at Urban Areas in Korea Insun Kim 69 Link
Pres: Surface Carbon Fluxes as Inferred by the OCO2 ModelIntercomparison Project from Satellite and In Situ Atmospheric CO2  Sourish Basu 39 Link
Poster: Assessing the importance of super-emitters versus diffuse oil/gas methane emissions in Algeria Stijn Naus 2 Link