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Welcome to the 21th WMO/IAEA Meeting on Carbon Dioxide, Other Greenhouse Gases and Related Measurement Techniques (GGMT-2022) and the TRANSCOM 2022 meeting. Both meetings will be organised back2back in Wageningen, The Netherlands from 19-21 and 16-17 September respectively and will be preceded by the ICOS Science Conference 2022 (13-15 September 2022) in nearby Utrecht. The venue will be Hotel “De Wageningsche Berg”. Hosts will be ICOS Netherlands and Utrecht and Wageningen University. Both meetings can also be attended on-line. The hotel has blocked rooms for participants until 1 August. Please send an email to the hotel at to request a room reservation at a discount, with in the subject the reference GFC5372.

Registration is closed. 

The TRANSCOM-2022 and GGMT-2022 meetings are sponsored by WMO GAW and ICOS, the TRANSCOM-2022 meeting is also sponsored by the Horizon Europe project CoCO2

Abstract submission is closed for both meetings! 


A detailed agenda of the meeting will follow end of August 2022. By that time we will also settle the conference fee for both meetings for in person attendants. 

The Transcom meeting will start at 16 September with one full day and end on 17 September at lunchtime. If there is enough interest an excursion will be organised on the afternoon of 17 September.

The GGMT meeting will start with an ice breaker reception on 18 September around 19:00. The meeting will start at 19 September after lunch and continue as full day meeting on 20+21 September. 

Travel information

OV Chip kaart logo

Public transport in The Netherlands is very frequent and reliable. There are three ways to pay for travel by public transport. Until recently the most common option requires you to buy an anonymous chip-card called “ov-chip kaart”. You can buy the chip-card in the vending machines with the chipkaart logo shown here on the left and info desks at any train station including Schiphol airport (one time non-refundable cost € 7,50). More info can be found on the Dutch national railway (NS) website. You have to top up the card before you can travel and then check in and out (don’t forget checking out!) for each travel part with one provider through the terminals. For a single travel by train you can opt also for a single-use paper card to be bought at the same vending machines. Also in buses and trams you can buy a loose ticket, but beware that often you cannot pay cash; also foreign bank and credit cards often won’t work. You can find your way, plan, see eventual delays and find out about the costs in pubic transport using the online tool and and the respective apps (9292 and NS Reisplanner) on Android and iOS.  Like in this example to arrive from Schiphol at the venue at 18:00 on September 15. In the 9292 phone app for Android and iOS you can since recently also buy tickets for your whole trip; take care to switch off the option On Demand under the options for each trip plan. Cost to travel from Schiphol airport to the venue will be a little over €20 and it will take about 90 minutes.

Please note, that currently, like this is also the case in many other airports, leaving from Amsterdam/Schiphol airport may show delays in checking in and security, and requires you to arrive well in time (max 4 hours in advance) before your flight leaves. How this develops until September is unknown, but we will update you on this situation as time progresses. Arriving and transfer at Amsterdam/Schiphol airport thus far is like normal and does not see extra delays.

Further hotels in the neighborhood of the venue are: 

  • Hotel De Wereld 4 star hotel at 26 minutes walk or 11 minutes by bike
  • Hotel WICC 4 star, moderately priced at 30 minutes walk or 14 minutes by bike
  • Nol in ‘t Bosch 4 star, romantic and scenery, a 12-20 minutes (down or up) bike ride away but very quiet in the forest

There is a 3 minute regular (every 10-15 minutes) bus ride from the bus stop close to the venue (Wageningse Berg) to Wageningen bus station, close to WICC and Wageningen city center and its restaurants, walking to/from the bus stop is 5 minutes.